(We're Havin' a) Dance Party (With The Abe Lincoln Story​!​)

by The Abe Lincoln Story

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On this, their debut album, The Abe Lincoln Story will take you on a tour of musical styles, the variety of which is uncommon by today's standards. From the R&B swagger of "I Don't Understand That Command" to the Arena Rock of "Get High and Go To Work," The Abe Lincoln Story deliver an album of hits and a noggin full of memories for years to come. So, don't just sit there listless like a blob of jelly on a paper plate, get up off your tuchas and onto the motherlovin' dance floor! We're having a dance party... and YOU are the guest of honor!

This classic album by Silverlake's orginal party band The Abe Lincoln Story has just been re-released by Flipside Records! From the former leader of Bean comes a horn-laden band with a sound he likes to call "Swing Punk Soul."

Here's what the reviewers said:

"Absolutely INFECTIOUS music. Now HERE'S a band that sings about things the common man can identify with: obnoxious phone gimmicks ("I Don't Understand [*69]"), hand signals ("Rock Scissors, Paper!"), day-to-day life ("Get High & Go To Work"), and more. Not only do the song topics go down easy, the music is a bunch of crazy FUN. The Abe Lincoln Story play upbeat pop music that's infected with cool horns from an era gone by. Steve Moramarco has a husky, raspy voice that just pushes things right over the edge. Revival bands like the Squirrel Nut Zippers are coming from a completely different side of the universe than these guys. This is more like soul/street boy pop that has real heart and soul. I sure hope I get to catch this group live, because they sound like they might just be one of the best out there. A total feelgood experience, the Abe Lincoln story gets my vote HANDS DOWN." -- www.babysue.com

"Moramarco generates his own freaky genius with a mastery of songs that comb out a cacophony of musical voices and top them with lyrics that, because they're funny, ring deceptively simple. Big and brassy, the ALS sound is marked by the syncopated blare of swanky horns, the snap of machine-gun snare drum, knee-knocky percussion and Moramarco's snazzy, surfish guitar. On the irresistibly perky "Mathematics the formula is combined with Moramarco's speculations on the meaning of life: "Well, it's got something to do with mathematics/something to do with alcohol/something to with Dianetics/and I can't figure it out at all." What Moramarco has figured out is how to navigate that rare space where music can be undeniably rocking and really goofy without sounding incredibly dumb." -- LA WEEKLY


released June 1, 1996



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Track Name: I Don't Understand That Command/Star 69
ell you hung up the phone but I got you back [star -sixty-nine]
The tone is blue but the phone is black [star -sixty-nine]
Everything is going a-okay [star-sixty-nine]
Another heartbreak every goddamn day [star -sixty-nine]

I don't understand that command

I got the World Wide Web in my hand [star-sixty-nine]
It's much larger than I can understand [star -sixty-nine]
I'm booted up on junk everywhere I go [star -sixty-nine]
The more I see, the less I know [star -sixty-nine]

I don't understand that command

Well the Info Super Highway
Is coming to your town
Info Super Highway
Breaking all the barriers down
Info Super Highway
Gonna give me a brand new start
Will it bring us to-ge-ther or will it tear us apart?
Track Name: Rock, Scissors, Paper!
You want some fun but you ain't got no cash?
Take Monopoly and throw them in the trash!
I've got a game, all you need is your fist
It's called the Rock Scissors Paper and it goes like this:

Rock! Scissors! Paper!
Baby we don't have to fight,
We can play Rock Scissors Paper all night

Everybody put out your hand like me
We can make a shape at the count of three
Who ever loses, gets a slap on the wrist
C'mon everybody, and it goes like this

Rock! Scissors! Paper!
Baby we don't have to fight,
We can play Rock Scissors Paper all night

Rock crushes scissors
Scissors cut paper
Paper covers rock
Paper covers rock
Paper covers rock!

Teach all your friends so they can play
You can have some fun on your next rainy day
It's a stupid game with a concept that's beat
But at least it'll keep you scum off of the streets
Track Name: Mathematics
Won't you please tell me what makes the world go 'round?
Standing on this ball that's spinning in space,
What makes me stick to the ground?

Well it's got something to do with mathematics
Something to do with alcohol
Something to do with Dianetics
And I can't figure it out at all.

Won't you please disclose the secret of success?
Standing on this ball, well I'm busting my balls,
Why is my life such a mess?

Well it's got something to do with mathematics
Something to do with rock and roll
Something to do with Nostradamus and
I can't figure it out at all.

I'm just a tiny speck in the Universal Order of Things
Trying to figure out what it all means.

Divulge to me the secret of a love that's true
Standing on this ball, well I'm never on the ball
One and one never equals two

Well it's got something to do with mathematics
Something to do with alcohol
Something to do with prophylaptics and
I can't figure it out at all.
Track Name: Come Home
Every day I wait by the open gate
And at night I set an extra plate
And I hope and pray, soon will come the day
When your eyes meet mine
It has been so long, sadness fills my song
The years of tears have not dried with time

Come home.

A winding mountain road and a tree by a lake
Is where my luck ran dry and my spirit break
Tried to go alone, wander on my own
So far away from the one I love
Now I'm in the dark, rope around the bark
Soon I'll be watching from above

Come home.

Voice inside my soul, kept me from my goal
And brought me back here to you
Let us join again and mend the broken ends
And spend our lonely lives as two
Come home.
Track Name: Refrigerator
Listen to what the wise man say, he says:

Sometimes the fridge is too hot - the food it starts to rot
Sometimes the fridge is too cold - the food she starts to grow mold
But when the fridge is just right
It'll keep food fresh all night

We live in a nation of refrigeration
Keepin' it cold!

Sometimes you've got to move - the fridge she's got to come too
If you leave her behind - another fridge you must find
If that fridge is at the top of the stairs, you know that fridge
Ain't going anywhere!


Some fridges are frost free - she is lots of money
The kind that you've got to defrost - she is 1/2 of the cost
Whether they're big or small, it's hard to live without a fridge at all!

Track Name: Dia De Los Muertos
Dia de los muertos

Quiero bailar en un lugar feliz
No puedo perder amor

Quiero cantar una cancion sencilla
No puedo perder amor

Quiero llorar por el anima familiar
No puedo perder amor

Adios luna, bienvenidos sol
Track Name: Special Disaster
She's my special disaster
She's my sweet disease
Her standing ovation brought me down to my knees
Tell me, what's got in ya? Is there a cure?
They came in through the window took the hinges off the door

Show me a place, where I am safe
From the finger of Fate
I'm hiding from my home, I no longer live alone
Strangers come and go on their own

No matter what I do, I can't escape you
I spent my last dollar on a dime


Open heart surgery won't cure this casualty
Closed door policy won't stop the factory
From grinding up the meat, crushing down the bone
Shoving me in a mold
Track Name: Get High and Go To Work
I like to get high and go to work
And go to work

And I work and I work and I workworkwork
Like a jerk

I like to get high and go to work
And go to work
And I'm bathed and I'm shaved and I work like a slave
For minimum wage!
(Here we go)
Every morning eight a.m. it's wake and bake, wake and bake
Every morning nine a.m it's smoke a reef, say hail to the chief

I'm a truck driver, I'm a creative consultant
I like to get high and go to church
And go to church

And I pray to the Lord 'cause I'm so bored
To save my soul
Every Sunday 6am it's roll a dood, watch Scooby Doo
Every Sunday 7am it's smoke a reef say Hail to the Chief
I'm the church pastor, I'm a psychadelic clergyman

Oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah!
Oh no oh no oh no!
I like to get high and rock and roll
and lock and load
And I take my gun and I have some fun and rock and roll
I'm a big hesh - er, I'm a member of the NRA

I like to get high high high high high

I like to get mellow mellow mellow mel-lo-oh!